commitment means staying loyal to what you said you were going to do long after the mood you said it in has left you

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The class membership is a truly open class schedule. We won’t limit you to 2 or 3 group classes in an all or nothing day or time slot. You have the freedom to come to any or all of the offered classes in the schedule. If you are a first timer or a long time veteran we can accommodate all. Our open gym membership gives you the ability to come in and use your programs with our equipment for one a low rate. You also have quality coaches at your disposal for Q & A about your program, your form and suggestions to improve upon what you already have.

We offer what no other gym does.

A facility that has open gym membership, class membership and personal training – all under one 5,000 sq/ft roof.


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Coaching staff.

We believe personal training is the best way to achieve specific goals, your goals are worth it and we can help you reach them.



There are many movement journeys to embark on, and many paths for those journeys.

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strength COACH

Bodytribe Strength Coach. FRC® Mobility Specialist. Onnit Academy Instructor.

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Strength & movement training provides a powerful opportunity for learning to experience the body.

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Why we’re different from the rest.

We are a non-corporate, community based business. We use solid training tools with long traditions and have a passion for strength and a commitment to movement. Our coaches and trainers are second to none in experience and results. The program design is focused on getting you stronger and in better shape as well as keeping you healthy and in the gym.

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